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Idris & Co is a leader in Indigenous recruitment and retention support.

We specialise in developing proven and innovative strategies to engage the Indigenous audience and contribute to diversifying your workforce. Our point of difference is the ability to provide a specialised service that is delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals, through the design, implementation and review stage of your Indigenous programs.



Employment and recruitment campaigns

Idris & Co can help your organisation develop the right framework to ensure your Indigenous recruitment and retention measures are effective and targeted to the intended audience.

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We can assist by implementing a range of initiatives, including;

Managing recruitment campaigns using culturally appropriate channels, such as community information sessions, testimonials and industry networks to attract Indigenous talent to your organisation.

Proving communications advice to tailor existing messages to reach and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders jobseekers.

Review recruitment processes and suggest initiatives to make it easier and more personalised for Indigenous jobseekers.
The creation of Indigenous Employment Strategies and associated project plans.

Cultural Awareness Training packages


can create tailored packages with specific industry scenarios to increase your employees understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We do this by;

Developing learning forums to educate training participants on the history, culture, practices, and the issues effecting Indigenous Australians. 

Revise your existing packages to ensure information reflects current issues and trends.

'Train the trainer' to ensure your employees are fully equipped to deliver and develop cultural awareness training packages for your organisation in the future.

Our specially designed training packages vary in length and content to suit your needs.