Jamal Idris

I am a proud Worimi person who spent most of my childhood growing up on an Aboriginal mission on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. 

I am proud to be working towards spreading a positive message about our Aboriginal culture and showcasing the vast talent that our people have to offer.

Personally, I am fortunate to have built a successful career by the age of 21. I played in the NRL, represented NSW, Australia, Indigenous All-stars, Indigenous Dreamtime and the Country Origin team. This has allowed me to be a positive representative to Aboriginal people and the wider community, as well as breaking the cycle of disadvantage within my family.

I have spent countless hours in the community providing support and mentoring guidance to people in the same or worse conditions that I grew up in. I have an ultimate passion for seeing our people succeed in life, whether that be becoming the first person to get a job or being the first person to go to university.

I started idris & Co to help create these opportunities for our people. I believe every Indigenous person has the ability to live their dreams given the right opportunities.

I am proud to be creating this organisation that will help close the gap of disadvantage and enable organisations to have the tools they need to initiate change throughout the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.



Jack Fletcher

I’m a proud Aboriginal man who was born and has grown up in Umina on the  NSW Central Coast

I thrive off working in this industry, watching people not just get jobs but careers to better themselves and create better futures for not only themselves but their families as well.


I have worked in Aboriginal employment for the last 7 years completing a traineeship in Employment services. I completed this in Mt Druitt in Western Sydney, one of the biggest population of Aboriginal people. After completing my traineeship I was lucky enough to get a National managers role in Indigenous services for a job network where I travelled around Australia to help assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into education, employment and training. I loved this role as I learnt a lot traveling into different communities learning from a lot of people in which it helped me grow not just professionally but as a person as well.

I believe in creating not just jobs for Aboriginal people but CAREERS and closing the gap in Australia. I’m very proud in creating this organisation alongside people who share the same vision as me and to assist employers and organisations around Aboriginal employment to create different opportunities and careers for Aboriginal people across Australia.